Our Mission

Our mission is to empower ethnic food vendors who prepare unique culinary dishes and connect them with local consumers seeking new and exceptional culinary experiences. We focus on serving small ethnic business owners because we believe in increasing social and financial inclusion, closing equity gaps in funding, and digital visibility for small ethnic business owners.

  • Discover local ethnic vendors selling discounted Food around you

  • We make the shopping experience for ethnic Foods hassle free

  • Prepay for the item, therefore never missing out a deal nearby


Explore Ethnic Food Carts and Stores

Discover unique flavors from local ethnic food carts and stores with our app. Enjoy hassle-free browsing, real-time updates, and exclusive, limited-time discounts.

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Together, We Celebrate Diversity and Savor Authenticity!

Supporting ethnic restaurants is important to us because it helps boost their sales and keeps cultural traditions alive, even when we're far from their origins. By dining at these establishments, you not only enjoy authentic, delicious meals but also help sustain the unique flavors and culinary practices of diverse communities. This support fosters cultural appreciation and understanding, enriching your life and promoting a more connected global community.

How Fresa Works

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Discover local vendors selling discounted food within a designated timeframe around you, anytime, and anywhere.

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Digital payment feature allows you to prepay for their item, therefore never missing out on a deal nearby.

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Get Notified once the order is ready for pickup & skip the line with QR enabled pick ups.


What Cities are you in?

We currently work with markets and food vendors in DC, MD, and Northern VA. Testing soon inNYC, NJ, FL, P.R., and L.A. County.